Instrumental in building up my confidence

Ishani KhanzanchiA V.T.E. - A View To Education....An institution I am proud to be a part of. Over the years I have been closely associated with A.V.T.E. which has been instrumental in building up my confidence in the fields of mathematics and science. The dedicated faculty, the momentum they maintain through the years, their willingness to assist the children with any problems, the regularity of classes and the assignments they provide, have culminated in making me a more motivated student. The students have consistently been well prepared for any examination due to this persistent approach of A.V.T.E. I thank A.V.T.E. for contributing towards my success and good performance in the subject.
Ishani Khazanchi

I take great pride in being called an A.V.T.E. ian...

zahira khanA.V.T.E. truly lives by what it says...A View To Education...perhaps for many students it is A VIEW TO LIFE as well...when you attend classes at  A.V.T.E. it is more than Maths or Science that you learn from here...while learning your prescribed syllabus, subconsciously you learn many basics that somewhere down the line one tends to lose out on as one grows up..something as basic as respect for teachers, importance of discipline or simply the decorum of a classroom... Studying at A.V.T.E. gives you confidence not only to solve the toughest of Maths problems but confidence to take up matter how difficult they are… Till you're scoring at A.V.T.E. you know the finals will be taken care off. I take great pride in being called an A.V.T.E. ian... (I scored 92% in Maths in 12th Board examination.) Here's wishing all the very best for an institution that is not only making waves in the field of education but has evolved as a social institution as well.
Zarine Khan,

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